Coadjuvant treatments for Atopic Dermatitis

Osmin Top is the specialist dermocosmetic proactive line to fight and prevent Atopic Dermatitis. Thanks to GPI, a strong active from sunflower seeds, the products of Osmin Top Line act against the AD: skin inflammation, reddening and itching. Moreover, the products of the Osmin Top Line contain the Perilla frutescens extract, and anti-reddening action to a mixture of fatty acids to rebuild the skin barrier. Several clinical trials, in collaboration with Italian dermatologists specialized in the treatment of AD, confirm the effectiveness of the Osmin Top products line and their high safety profile, a key aspect for products intended for this kind of pathology. The systematic use of the Osmin Top products line allows to reduce the acute phase and to lengthen the submissive phase, aiding in the management of the disease.

The products of Osmin Top Line can be used at any age: babies, children and adults and in all phases of the DA.

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