Coadjuvant treatments for Beauty

Bioliftan line is born from entirely Biogena’s made in Italy research. Bioliftan is an intensive anti-aging treatment, ,resulted by the one of the most important cosmetic discoveries of these years. Its formula is based on, SIBANID SG, extraordinary molecular complex, able to protect the structure of hyaluronic acid, naturally present in our skin. The Skin aging process is immediately arrested with the Sibanid GS application and the skin becomes more compact and elastic (lifting effect). Furthermore the wrinkles and skin folds become less visible. In addition to high concentration of Sibanid SG, all Bioliftan products are characterized by the presence of vegetal stem cells (regenerating and biostimulants), other important active principles (with anti-aging effect) and Ellagic Acid, a powerful skin firming extracted from the pomegranate balk.


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