Biogena Dermo Liquido

Bottle 250 and 500 ml
Cod - 8011674001448 (250 ml) / 8011674002407 (500 ml)

Biogena Dermo Liquido is an ultra gentle and lenitive, it restores skin pH acidity. Particularly indicated for dry, inflamed and reddened skin.

Based on Acylglutamates and Mallow.


Biogena Dermo Liquido is “naturally” acidic due to the presence of acylglutamates, which are acidic detergents that, unlike common alkaline soaps, respect the pH of skin. It is the ideal ultra delicate cleanser that has been studied not to interfere with natural mechanisms that protect the skin. The important reacidifyinf function is designed to restore normality when the acidity of sensitive, dry skin that presents signs of distress is altered. Biogena Dermo Liquido is a very gentle cleanser that concurrently develops physiological acidity on skin (pH 5).

Based on Acylglutamates and Mallow, it’s particularly indicated for dry, inflamed and reddened skin.


Biogena Dermo Liquido contains:

  • Acilglutamate: Precious substances with cleansing and balancing action for skin pH, based on an important natural amino acids. They carry out a reacidifying action, restoring the physiological acidity of the healthy skin (pH 5.0-5.5). Its reacidifying action is very rapid, and the effect on cutaneous pH persists for about 8 hours after application;

  • Mallow Mucilage: they represent the active portion of the plant. They ensure a strong emollient effect, resistant to rinsing.

Direction for use

When immersing (bathing) either the whole body or its parts: dissolve ½ spoon of product in 20-25 litres of worm water; dry without rinsing.

When directly washing  either the whole body or its parts: pour about ½ spoon of product on damp hands or on a damp sponge and massage the areas to be cleansed; rinse.
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