Biogena Slimgo

Bottle 250 ml
Cod - 8011674007341
Paraf - A900721477

Biogena Slimgo is firming and reducing cream, adjuvant for weight-loss diets. Biogena Slimgo is a highly effective treatment for toning the body and returning elasticity to the skin tissue.

Based on Aosaine (extract of the ocean algaUlva lactuca) and Eachinacin B (active substance of Echinacea angustifolia), combined with Escin and Methylxanthine.


Biogena Slimgo is any diet’s ideal compliment. It is a cosmetic product which has been scientifically studied to obtain maximum results and to reduce to a minimum all undesired side-effects of dieting and weight loss. Biogena Slimgo has an extraordinary capacity to focus weight loss in specific areas. It permits weight loss and remodeling of the figure to be “guided” in these areas.


Biogena Slimgo contains:

  • Aosaine: extracted from the ocean algae called Ulva Lactuca, it fights sagging skin brought about by loss of weight. It also compact tissues, thanks to the production of new elastic fibers.;

  • Echinacin B: echinacea purpurea extracte, it compact, makes the skin more elastic and also it increases the elastic fibers production of connective and perivascular tissues of the dermis;

  • Aescin: It helps to accelerate lymphatic drainage;

  • Theophylline and Dyphylline: they “guide” the weight loss, preparing the fatty tissue to the fats splitting.

Direction for use

The product should be applied every night, before bed, on those parts of the body where the desired effects should be developed. The treatment should be continued for the entire duration of the diet period and even beyond it (for at least another month).
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