Diakon Aid

Diakon Aid - Biogena
Tube 50 ml
Cod - 8011674005408
Paraf - 942411366

Diakon Aid is an innovative product studied to reduce blemishes caused by acne and by pharmacological treatments adopted to fight it.
Based on Allantoin, Fluor-Phlogopite, GPI Choline, Zinc Salts, Active Ceramides, Panthenol, Lactobionic Acid, Vitamin E.


Diakon Aid is a rich formula with a complex combination of components. It offers a complete range of benefits for acneic skin.


Diakon Aid contains:

  • Fluor-phlogopite: a special optically active substance that instantly attenuates skin irritation and redness without either a covering or occlusive action;

  • GPI Choline+ Zinc Salts: they have a soothing action that reduces skin discomfort, burning sensation and itching;

  • Allantoin: a precious natural substance that, in Diakon Aid, is soluble and available at high concentrations for the first time;

  • Active Ceramides, Panthenol, Lactobionic Acid and Vitamin E: a special blend with moisturizing effects. Moreover, Vitamin E protects the skin from oxidative stress.

Direction for use

Apply 1-2 times a day on the areas to be treated. Massage gently until completely absorbed.
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