Diakon Body Spray

Bottle 75 ml
Cod - 8011674004449
Paraf - 935307140

Diakon Body Spray is a dermocosmetic adjuvant for acneic skin on the back, chest and shoulders.

Based on Mandelic Acid, Zinc Acetate and Lauric Acid.


Diakon Body Spray is an innovative combination of 3 active: Mandelic Acid, Zinc Acetate and Lauric Acid.

It has a purifying, sebum-controlling and exfoliating action. Functioning upside down!


Diakon Body Spray contains:

  • Mandelic Acid: It’s a exfoliating compound which promote a dermal renewal. It also has antibacterial and sebostatic properties;

  • Lauric Acid: It’s a compound contained in dairy products, animal fat and tropical oils as coconut oil. It has an anti-bacterial activity as in vitro and in vivo demonstrated;

  • Zinc Acetate: It has an anti-inflammatory action, protects against the occurrence of bacterial resistance and it also plays an adjuvant role in sebum control.

Direction for use

Spray on the areas to be treated (back, chest and shoulders), keeping the dispenser at a distance of about 20 cm from the skin surface and protecting the eyes. A subsequent brief massage will ensure deep absorption of the product into the skin for the utmost efficacy. Shake briefly before use.

The dispenser can also be used reversed with top down. 1 or 2 applications a day are recommended.
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