Diakon Krem

Tube 30 ml
Cod - 8011674002537
Paraf - 933064432

Diakon Krem is dermocosmetic adjuvant for acneic skin, auxiliary topical  treatment for skin with tendency to acne of a prevalently inflammatory type. Based on Micronised Silver, Zinc Acetate and Lauric Acid.


Diakon Krem is an innovative combination of 3 active, Micronised Silver, Zinc Acetate and Lauric Acid, that has been demonstrated to be effective against P. acnes, including strains resistant to Clindamycin, Erythromycin and Tetracycline.

Micronised Silver, acne new, acts antibacterial action, causing the formation of “pits”  which damage the  bacterial cell wall and promote lysis. Zinc Acetate acts anti-inflammatory action; zinc has a protective effect against the development of bacterial resistance, and seboregulatory action. Lauric Acid acts antibacterial action against P. acnes demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. Diakon Krem does not produce dryness or irritation of the skin. Non comedogenic, non photosensitizing.


Diakon Krem contains:

  • Micronised Silver: It exerts a potent antibacterial activity, causing “pits” formations which damage bacterial cell wall inducing their lysis;

  • Lauric Acid: It’s a compound contained in dairy products, animal fat and tropical oils as coconut oil. It has an anti-bacterial activity as in vitro and in vivo demonstrated;

  • Zinc Acetate: It has an anti-inflammatory action, protects against the occurrence of bacterial resistance and it also plays an adjuvant role in sebum control.

Direction for use

Use the convenient pre-metered dose dispenser twice a day to apply a small quantity of Diakon Krem on the areas to be treated. Massage gently.

Diakon Krem can be associated with other products for topical use: in such cases it can be applied only once a day.

Clinical trial

Study on 20 patients, aged 16-28 years, with mild-to-moderate acne. 2 Diakon Krem applications per day for two months.


Clinical improvement was determined by GAGs evaluation, with a decrease of 45%.


The measurement obtained by Sebutape showed a significant reduction in sebum secretions (62%).

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