Laris Crema

Long effectiveness
For hands and feet
Tube 75 ml
Cod - 8011674003183
Paraf - 908604147

Laris Crema is an antiperspirant and antiodorant cream based on Agaricin and Chlorhydrol. Unlike conventional antiperspirants that are available on the market, Laris Crema has been specifically studied to reduce both the production of perspiration and its flow at the origin.


Deodorant and Antiperspirant Cream, deodorizes for at least 24 hours. Laris Crema reduces sweating without locking. Agaricin contained in the product is a substance extracted from larch agaricon (fungi) that acts selectively on nerve endings that innervate the sudoriferous gland, reducing the production of perspiration. Non-absorbable and free of side-effects, it also contains anti-fermentation substances that absorb malodorous volatile molecules, thus fighting the formation of bad odour.
Chlorhydrol (Aluminium hydrochloride) is a classical antiperspirant that acts by plugging the sudoriferous duct.

Hypoallergenic. Ideal also for hands and feet.


Laris Crema contains:

  • Agaricin, a natural substance obtained from Fomes Officinalis, a hard, woody mushroom that grows on the trunk of the Larch and which boasts important anti-bacterial and anti-perspiration properties which have in reality been common knowledge for centuries;

  • Chlorhydrol, antiperspirant agent acting for sudoriferous duct occlusion.

Direction for use

Apply a small amount of product with fingertips on each armpit, massaging briefly. Laris Crema is indicated also for the palms of hands and the soles of feet, for the area under breasts.

One application a day will suffice.
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