Laris Ultra

Effective more than 24 hours
Squeeze Bottle 50 ml
Cod - 8011674003169
Paraf - 934131463

Long-lasting antiperspirant deodorant. With Agaricin, Chlorhydrol and Silver Citrate. Laris Ultra reduces excessive perspiration and completely neutralizes all unpleasant odours.It delicately attaches itself to the skin and carries out a long-lasting (over 24 hours) deodorising and anti-perspiration action.


Laris Ultra is long lasting antiperspirant deodorant. Thanks to the precious deodorant and purifying properties of the Agaricin (ultra –pure extract of Larch Agaric) and Chlorhydrol, improved by the presence of Silver Citrate, it keeps your underarms fresh and dry all day long.

Agaricin contained in Laris Ultra is a substance extracted from larch agaricon (fungi) that acts selectively on nerve endings that innervate the sudoriferous gland, reducing the production of perspiration. Non-absorbable and free of side-effects. Chlorhydrol (Aluminium hydrochloride) is a antiperspirant that acts by plugging the sudoriferous duct.


Laris Ultra contains:

  • Agaricin, a natural substance obtained from Fomes Officinalis, a hard, woody mushroom that grows on the trunk of the Larch and which boasts important anti-bacterial and anti-perspiration properties which have in reality been common knowledge for centuries;

  • Chlorhydrol, antiperspirant agent acting for sudoriferous duct occlusion;

  • Silver Citrate, silver active salt on bacteria responsible for the sweat fermentation.

Direction for use

Hold the bottle vertically and spray 3-4 times in each armpit. Briefly massage the product into the skin with your fingertips so it adheres perfectly to the skin and guarantees perfect, complete and long-lasting protection against both perspiration and unpleasant odours.
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