Mellis Cap

Bottle 200 ml
Cod - 8011674004838
Paraf - 935740946

Mellis Cap is a special lenitive shampoo, adjuvant in the treatment of flaky scalps, like a psoriasis.

Based on ichthyol, Sichuan pepper, honey and mandelic acid.


Mellis Cap è is a special adjuvant shampoo based on natural substances that act on the scalp tp eliminate scales and reduce redness and itchiness.


Mellis Cap contains:

  • Ichthyol: is a derivate of mineral tars made up of fossilised aquatic organisms. It strongly reduces excessive skin flaking;

  • Sichuan pepper, or mountain pepper, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It contains a precious active ingredient (Zanthalene) which is effective in reducing the signs of hypersensitive skin such as itchiness;

  • Honeydew Honey: is a particular type of honey with important hydrating and softening properties. It helps to keep the scalp soft and protected, and to reduce irritation;

  • Mandelic Acid: is an organic acid found in bitter almonds. It is widely used in both the cosmetic and dermatology fields because of its keratolytic properties. It dissolves horny plaques and assists in the elimination of scales.

Direction for use

Apply to wet hair, massage in for a few minutes and rinse. Re-apply and leave in for at least 5 minutes before final rinsing. Use 3-4 times a week. Avoid contact with the eyes. Not to be used in children below 3 years.

Clinical trial

Use test under dermatological control on a special lenitive shampoo, adjuvant in the treatment of flaky scalps, like a psoriasis. Mellis Cap showed a significant reduction in both desquamation index and area occupied by scales.

Study on 20 patients with scalp psoriasis/dermatitis. Application: 3 times a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

The results showed:

High decrease of psoriasis tipically marks (-70%);
No discomfort;
Desquamation index decrease (-39,33%)
Decrease of area occupied by scales (-32,43%);
95% of patients said Mellis Cap reduces itching;
90% of patients said Mellis Cap reduces redness.

D’Amore A, Celleno L. Test d’uso sotto controllo dermatologico di uno shampoo riducente e lenitivo coadiuvante il trattamento degli stati desquamativi del cuoio capelluto. Nuove Prospettive in Terapia, Anno XXVI- n.1/2016- Report Evic Italia-15-106A/01.

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