Osmin Bagno

Bottle 250 ml
Cod - 8011674001509
Paraf - 908817176

Osmin Bagno is a gentle rinse-off cleanser that is ideal for a baby bath. It contains moisturising and soothing substances like Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Flax, and is free from aggressive surfactants

It has an SLES and SLS-free formula and cleanses without affecting the delicate Hydro-lipidic film of a baby’s skin. It is also highly tolerated when used on irritated, reddened and dry skin.


Osmin Bagno contains Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Flaxseed, moisturizing and soothing substances.

Direction for use

You can use Osmin Bagno for the bath or for rapid cleansing with a damp sponge.

Bath: pour 1 scant spoon of product in about 10 litres of water at the desired temperature;
For rapid cleansing without water: pour 5-6 drops of the product on a damp sponge and gently massage the areas to be cleansed.
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