Osmin Idra

Osmin Idra - Biogena
Tube 100 ml / 250 ml
Paraf - 942694961 (100 ml) / 942694959 (250 ml)

Osmin Idra is a modified water-based, moisturizing and soothing paste, indicated as a coadjuvant in situations of irritated, burning, atopic and xerotic skin. It has a protective, emollient and anti-itching action. Indicated in the presence of eczema, urticarial forms, irritation, suitable for large body surfaces.

Based on Glycerine-Water-Talcum complex.

It does not contain preservatives, oils, grease, perfums or allergic substances.



Osmin Idra is a modified water-based paste derived by the Official Italian Pharmacopoeia.

Due to its extremely simple composition, it is also indicated in very early childhood, on sensitive skin and in allergic subjects.

Useful adjuvant in case of eczema, urticarial forms, senile itching and insect bites and irritations of various kinds.


Osmin Idra contains the Glycerine-Water-Talcum complex. Glycerine and water ensure constant moisturisation of the skin. Talcum protects, isolates and lubricates the skin with its lamellar structure coat.

Compared to the water-based paste specified in the Official Pharmacopoeia, the Glycerine/Water/Talcum ratio has not been changed, but an inert polymer has been added to avoid sedimentation of talcum and to increase product stability in the course of time.

Direction for use

Apply with a gentle massage on the affected areas once or several times a day.
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