Osmin Top Unguento Beta

Tube 90 ml
Cod - 8011674007143
Paraf - 943018871

Osmin Top Unguento Beta non greasy ointment. Atopic skin adjuvant.


Osmin Top Unguento Beta is a non-greasy ointment for all cases of atopic skin where it is necessary to intervene on inflammation and possible microbial alterations.


With the exclusive combination of its two main components, Glycero-Phospho-Inositol (1) and Lactoferrin Beta Complex (2) Osmin Top Unguento Beta soothes irritation and itching while restoring the skin’s microbial flora.

  • Glycerol-Phospho-Inositol is a naturally derived substance (obtained from the sunflower seed lecithin). It has known physiological effects on the inflammatory process without giving rise to secondary effects typical of cortisone anti-inflammatory substances.

  • Lactoferrin Beta Complex is a combination of Lactoferrin, a glycoprotein which has antimicrobial activity present in many physiological secretions such as milk, tears and saliva (industrially obtained from cow’s milk) and other substances (Octenidine, Perilla Frutescens extract) that are able to control the skin’s microbial flora (skin microbiota).

The active components of Osmin Top Unguento Beta are fused in a very special excipient, formed by Ceramides and Phytosterols. The presence of these substances is essential to keep the skin in a good condition, well defended and moisturised.

Direction for use

After gentle cleansing, apply a thin layer of Osmin Top Unguento Beta twice-a-day on the areas to be treated and gently massage.
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