Propso Cap

Tube 150 ml
Cod - 8011674004845
Paraf - 909129684

Propso Cap is cream pack adjuvant for treatment of scalp psoriasis, studied to fight excessive formation of flakes and horny scabs, accompanied by irritation, reddening and itching. Based on Zinc Pyrithione and Silymarin.

It does not contain tar, salicylic acid, keratolytic agents and cortisone, it has no special containdications and is suitable for ongoing use.


Propso Cap is adjuvant in the treatment of flaky scalps


The Propso Cap formula is based on Ichthammol, an active ingredient derivative of mineral tars made up of fossilized aquatic organisms, strongly reduces excessive skin flaking.  Another main ingredient of the Propso Cap formula is Silymarin, a purified extract obtained from seeds of milk thistle, which fights free radicals counteracting the inflammatory process and controlling the excessive proliferation of superficial skin cells. Propso Cap also contains Sichuan Pepper, effective in reducing itching, and other important officinal plants with soothing effects, like Passion Flower, Gentian, Marshmallow and Sage.

Direction for use

Apply 3-4 times a week to damp hair after shampooing, preferably with a specific product. Let set for 20 minutes or longer and then rinse with plenty of water. After an initial stage that lasts about a month, you can move on to a maintenance stage in which 1 or 2 applications per week are sufficient.
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