SunsOff 50+

SunsOff 50+ - Biogena
Not comodogenic
Ultra light
Tube 90 ml
Cod - 8011674007136
Paraf - 943018883

Sunsoff 50+ is a very high protection sun cream (Spf 50+) with an ultra-light texture, specifically designed to treat and protect normal, oily or combination skin.


SunsOff50+ is the ideal sunscreen for the face where there is a need for a very high protection factor and at the same time there are problems of oily skin, with dilated pores or late consequences of juvenile acne.
SunsOff50+ is also ideal for the body, where it is necessary to protect limited areas with stretch marks or scars from the sun while making these skin defects less visible. SunsOff50 screens UVB and UVA rays and provides optical effects (matt, soft focus or blur effects), which visibly reduce skin imperfections, such as excessive shine, dilated pores, facial and body scars, and stretch marks. The matt effect counteracts the excessive reflectiveness of oily and shiny skin. The soft focus is an optical effect which makes skin depressions (dilated pores and wrinkles) less visible. The blur effect is an optical effect which makes skin blemishes such as scars, stretch marks and small imperfections less defined.

Direction for use

Sunsoff 50+ should be gently massaged on the skin before sun exposure. In case of very intense and prolonged exposure, apply the product again
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