TAE-X Inverse

TAE-X Inverse
SPF 30
Leaves no residue
Tube 50 ml
Cod - 8011674005088
Paraf - 939062725

TAE-X Inverse Vitiligo Sun Care is an active protection for depigmented skin areas. The new TAE-X Inverse is based on an innovative filtering system for an INVERSE UV protection. It guarantees a medium protection against UVB (SPF 15) and a very high protection against UVA (UVA PF 30) by providing adjuvant action in the heliotherapy treatment of vitiligo.


TAE-X Inverse Suncare has been designed for depigmented skin areas. It lets through beneficial sun rays and blocks out harmful ones. Its unique protective features include a medium protection factor against UVB (SPF 15) and a very high protection factor against UVA (200% versus the UVB SPF). Apply the product on vitiligo patches 10-15 minutes before exposure to the sun, gently massaging until it is completely absorbed.

The length of time vitiligo patches treated in this way should be exposed to sunlight must be carefully regulated, depending on the season and location. About 15 minutes a day for the first 4 days, followed by a 5-minute increase every 3 days, finally reaching a maximum of 30-40 minutes.

TAE BREAK Gel Crema SPF 50 complements TAE-X Inverse. Use on healthy areas exposed to the sun to protect the skin against UV radiation and prevent tanning. This will minimise colour contrast by exploiting its capacity to neutralise over 98% of all solar UVB rays.

Apply TAE BREAK Gel Crema 15 minutes before exposure to the sun on all skin areas that will be exposed, with the exception of areas affected by vitiligo, where TAE-X INVERSE must be applied in advance. Apply TAE BEAK onto the outer edges of vitiligo patches, carefully following their contour. A particularly abundant amount of TAE BREAK should be applied at the edge of patches.


TAE-X Vitiligo Sun Care is a high UV protection gel and UVB protection for pigmented skin areas, with Synoxyl HSS specific healer therapy adjuvant.

Direction for use

First apply TAE-X Inverse Vitiligo Suncare, followed by TAE BREAK Gel Crema.

If you wish to prolong exposure to the sun beyond the recommended time, apply an abundant amount of TAE BREAK Gel Crema even on the vitiligo patches.

Do not wash or rinse the skin, simply cover the previously applied layer of TAE-X Inverse Vitiligo Suncare. The TAE BREAK Gel Crema contained in this package as a test sample is sufficient for 1-2 days of treatment. TAE BREAK Gel Crema in 150 ml packs is available in pharmacies for subsequent use.
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