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To prevent damage caused by excessive sun exposure both for acute damage (reddening and burns) than for chronic damage (dark spots, photo-aging and other cutaneous manifestations of degenerative) is now available a range of photoprotectors, suitable to meet the specific needs of every skin type.

We guarantee products and solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
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    Frequently questions

    What is the difference between sunscreens and filters?

    Sunscreens are classified according to the nature and mechanism of action in physical filters and chemical screens. Physical sunscreens, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, due to their opacity, oppose a real screen to UV radiation, through processes of reflection and diffusion of the harmful radiations.  Chemical filters, on the other hand, are molecules able to selectively absorb the ultraviolet radiation. This absorbed energy is then emitted as heat or fluorescence. Many substances are used as chemical filters, for example benzophenones, antranylates, camphor derivatives, cinnamates, PABA, salicylates.

     The after-sun lotion is always necessary?

    Remaining long in the sun, a significant amount of aqueous and lipid substances from the skin will be removed causing occurrence of dryness and flaking. For this reason, after the exposure it is useful to apply an after-sun product that can moisturize and decongest the skin reddened by the sun, and giving it elasticity and a pleasant sensation of freshness.