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The term Couperose indicates a condition of intense and chronic reddening of central areas of the face (cheeks and/or wings of the nose) subsequent to continuous vasodilatation in the subepidermal microcirculation that, in certain cases, might develop into dermatosis, known as Rosacea, which presents swollen little superficial veins that are clearly visible on the sides of the nose (teleangiectasies).

The causes for the onset of said condition are complex and basically include especially frail capillaries (either by constitution or acquired) and loss of support of the same as the result of other factors (emotional, hormonal, allergic, weather-related). The face is the part of the body that is most exposed to the aggression of atmospheric agents: brusque temperature variations, sun radiations, wind and humidity can be triggers in the process that leads to couperose. For effective action against this problem, it is essential to protect and strengthen capillaries, reintegrate the material that supports and coats the same and, concurrently, ensure adequate protection against the sun.

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